Loire castles

Getting there

From Paris we took the TER train to the Blois-Chambord station in Blois (1.5 hours train ride from Paris Austerlitz).



Blois castle

Blois is the first castle we visited. It’s main feature is that it has very different styles from once facade to the other: gothique, renaissance and classical. Specially worth seeing: The Salle des États Généraux.



Amboise castle

We only saw Amboise from the outside as we were a bit late for a visit. We stayed at a small hotel in Amboise and from there we rented a couple of bikes to visit Chenonceau. The bike rental place happened to belong to a wine producer who also sold us a bottle fo wine, which was perfect for our picnic at Chenonceau.



Chenonceau castle

Chenonceaux is known because it sits on the Cher river, which makes it a sort of castle-bridge. Inside the castle is quite small but beautiful.



Chambord staircase

On Sunday, before returning to Paris, we visited the Chambord castle which was by far my favorite. Designed in part by Leonardi Da Vinci, the castle is something worth seeing. The pond around it makes a beautiful mirror-like surface around it, and its central staircase is something worth climbing.

The route

The whole route is 26km (return trip) with a couple of light climbs but otherwise perfectly paved and easy.

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