Cycling in Berlin

Flying from Paris, we booked a flat south of Görlizter Park in Berlin. The flat included a couple of free bikes. This is what happened…

I have the chance of knowing Berlin quite well. I usually go there 2-3 times a year for conferences and such. So what I ended up doing was to focus on one neighbourhood per visit. That way I’m not rushing to see everything at once. This time was the turn of the Neukölln area, south of the Spree.

Experiencing Berlin by bike is quite revealing. It gives you an insight on how locals experience it (a lot of berliners have bikes). We cycled from the Görlitzer park to the Tempelhofer park. All that area is filled with nice small stores,  as well as local bars and restaurants.


Cycling at the Tempelhofer

After cycling all day we had the chance to witness a four-year event: the FIFA World Cup Final. This year Argentina happened to play against Germany, so as you can imagine all bars and restaurants had the final on their TVs.


Germans trying to watch the game

UPDATE: Unfortunately the flat we rented seems to have disappeared from the Airbnb system, otherwise I would have linked it.

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