Danube D1 – Vienna

Our first bike trip! I started bike commuting when I moved to Paris back in 2007. After a couple of short bike trips following the Loire river, I’ve finally convinced Claudine to try our first trip.


We flew from Paris to Vienna on our own. Since this was our first trip, we decided to hire Eurobike, an Austrian agency, to transport our luggage from one stage to the other and to arrange hotels for us. They arranged a first night at a hotel in Vienna where we met with their staff, they gave us a map, instructions and our bikes.

Eurobike provided us with a Bikeline guide in English. I already had one book in German, but I admit English is easier to read for me. They also provided us with tags for the luggage and all the tickets we’ll need: tickets for hotel nights and tickets for a boat ferry to enter Budapest.

[Post-trip comment] I’ve kept using Bikeline guides to cycle the Rhine in Germany and the Po in Italy, and they’re still quite reliable and detailed.

As we already knew Vienna we decided to go for a walk and dinner near the Donau Canal, a Canal parallel to the river.


Donau Canal

You can see the routes we followed on:

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