Danube D2 – Vienna-Bratislava

This route is part of the Eurovelo 6 that runs from Nantes (FR) to Constanţa (RO). Understandably we got excited with anticipation when we saw our first sign right outside Vienna, as we have planned for this already for a while.


Eurovelo 6 indication

The path is perfect in this part of the route. Most of the route is paved and though some times you have to share the path with trucks or tractors, they usually give you enough space when they overtake you.


Sharing the road with a tractor

You’ll pass your first former border in no time. Changing from German to Slovakian is one of those beautiful moments when you realize you’re crossing different countries but there are no longer borders.


Former border post


Arriving to Bratislava, the hotel that Eurobike booked for us required us to go through a couple of heavy-traffic routes. In the maps that you’ll find below I’ve fixed that by using some low-traffic streets that we used to go from hotel to city centre and when we left the city.

We didn’t cycled that night through Bratislava as the city seems quite dangerous for cyclists, so we walked to the centre and only used the bikes the next day to leave early in the morning.


You can see the routes we followed on:

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