Danube D3 – Bratislava-Mosonmagyaróvár

Leaving Bratislava

Leaving Bratislava you’ll find a cycle path along the river that is perfectly paved. One thing that impressed me is the way you cross the river. There is a bike path underneath the bridge that is exclusive for cars. This is a great solution, as it doesn’t require a new bridge and also doesn’t require cyclists to cycle side-by-side with cars.


From the Bratislava castle to the Mosonmagyaróvár dentist city

Bike stand

Near Mosonmagyaróvár we saw a bar where we stop for a drink as it was quite hot. At that bar we saw for the first time a bike stand  that seems quite intelligent in design. I consists of a wood bar where you can hang your bike from the seat. No chains needed, no small tricks to balance the bike. You simple hang the bike by the seat and it remains there.


Bike parking

The tiniest cycle path ever

A funny thing we found when crossing to Hungary, we saw the tiniest bike path possible. It was the continuation of a pedestrian crossing, but right after crossing, you go back to the street. The use? Still a question until this day.


Tiniest bike path in the world

From there, this first day is mostly a day cycling through the fields on low-traffic roads or dedicated paths.


Hungarian fields


Mosonmagyaróvár is a curious city. It is full of dentist cabinets as it seems that people from richer European countries come here to treat themselves. It is a nice small town with a castle to visit (was closed when we arrived) and not much more to do.

The hotel we stayed in at Mosonmagyaróvár was great for a cyclist. We had a safe place to store our bikes and a pool park where you can relax at the end of a hot cycling day.



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