Danube D6 – Komárom-Esztergom

This was by far the most amusing part of the trip.


Following the floodbank

The path

The road follows the Danube floodbank most of the way, therefore it is the closest road to the river we’ve followed so far. We started the day early in the morning to avoid the Sun and the noon heat.


Heavy traffic on the floodbank

Around noon we took a small detour to a calm beach near the river and after hesitating for about 2 seconds, we changed into our swimsuits and jumped into the river cold water. Given the heat, the water actually felt just refreshing and we enjoyed the bath.


Our private beach


Given that our hotel was outside Esztergom, we couldn’t stay there for the night so we decided to make the best of our time there before heading to the hotel.


Esztergom cathedral

After visiting the famous cathedral, we kept our way following the river to our hotel where we once more took advantage of the pool and spa and wind down for the next day.

You can see the routes we followed on:

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