Danube D7 – Esztergom-Szentendre


Ferries are something nice to experience. It not only gives you a brief pause while you wait, but also gives you a perspective on the width of the river. In this trip we experience different ferry trips.

Probably our most memorable was back on Day 1, when we came to a ferry stop near Haslau in Austria. The ferry was nothing more than a speedboat and we found a group of Austrian sports cyclists who, after a brief talk in my poor German, suggested us to have  a drink while we waited for the boat to leave. So at 10am we share our first drink/beer of the day.


Ferry trip

Getting to Budapest

As planned by Eurobike, the final leg of the trip consists of of a boat ride from Szentendre to Budapest, to avoid the industrial zones near the capital. A little before Szentendre we stopped to fight the heat with a drink and some shadow.


Quick stop

In Szentendre there is not much to see, and it seems quite a touristic place, with a bunch of of jewelry and “typical” produce from Hungary. We avoided the touristic traps and had lunch at a small restaurant we found where the food was good and fresh.

At the end of the trip you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent view from the river of the Hungarian Parliament building


The Hungarian Parliament

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