La BiciCrítica


Having some outside tapas with the EuroIA guys

This weekend I attended the EuroIA conference as part of my DesignLife. As the conference was happening in Madrid I decided to contact our cycling buddies Auri and Antonio, a couple of avid pedal pushers we met during a Vélorution Universelle in Paris in 2010.


Auri and Antonio back in 2010 (group to the left), hours before we met them.

The BiciCrítica

The BiciCrítica is a monthly demonstration that happens in Madrid, modeled after that famous Critical Mass. In Madrid it happens every last Thursday of the month.

Every city has its own version of the Critical Mass nowadays. Some are more aggressive, some are more family-oriented. What I mean by aggressive (and I reject that approach), is when the cyclist are quite aggressive, looking for a confrontation with car drivers that become impatient with the group.

To my surprise, during the BiciCrítica there were a lot of people who understood the concept and turned their cars off while they waited. There was even this man (cf. below) who not only did that but also came out of his car, took a couple of pictures and started a friendly talk with the cyclists who were guarding that specific crossing.


A new fan of the Critical Mass

Some pictures


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