Langhe D1


The Langhe

Today did our first day with the Itaway e-bikes in the Langhe region.

To kickstart the day we did a small tour from their Novello point to La Morra where we found a charming Osteria right in front of the church to have lunch.


Arriving to La Morra

After La Morra the next step was Roddi, to see the castle and to use it as a way to Grizane Cavour where their own castle seems quite interesting. We couldn’t enter the castle as it was closing, but indeed it seemed to be worth the visit.

Before returning to Novello we went through Barolo, which is a lovely town and a wine region in itself.

What I loved about the Langhe was the impressive and sometimes weird views that you can see. The vines are everywhere and depending on the season you’ll get to see them in full green (summer) in full gold (autumn) or barely growing (spring).


Door to… ?

You can see the routes we followed on:

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