Langhe D2

The second day of our Langhe trip we cycled to Monforte d’Alba, Roddino, Bossolasco and Dogliani.


The view from Monforte d’Alba

Charging the bikes

One of the main concerns we had was charging the bikes. As this is our first e-bike experience, we’re not sure how much energy the battery can stock and how far can we go.

So after quite a climb from Roddino to Cissone, we decided to stop for lunch at the Agriturismo Il Monarca. On arrival, we asked the owner if we could charge our bikes and she directed us to an electrical outlet she had on the parking. Unfortunately there was only one. After some hesitation and asking the owner, she allowed us to bring one bike inside the restaurant and put it in a corner, given that there was not that much many people.

After a great meal and some charging we continued our way to Bossolasco.

Breaking the law

After Bossolasco, and just before Somano, there is a steep and long downhill ride where we reached 54km/h. Fortunately nothing went wrong as it was a perfectly paved road, but in retrospective it wasn’t too responsible on our side to go at such a speed without helmet or any other protection.

Why I said we were breaking the law? Reviewing our pictures I now see we reached the highest speed at a 50km/h zone.


Going downhill

You can see the routes we followed on:

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