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Me, apparently lost in a flower field

This is the first time we try e-bikes, and it was quite positive!

Many people tell me the same thing when we talk about e-bikes: That’s cheating. But I don’t see it as cheating. I’ve discussed this topic more than once and I see several positive effects:

  • E-bikes as a gateway bike
    For the untrained cyclist, they can act as a first bike that gets you rolling with a little effort. It could act as a gateway for either sports or commuting, but in any case, the fact that there is one more cyclist on the streets can only be productive.
  • E-bikes as a fade-out bike
    I started bike commuting only after moving to Paris. Hopefully this daily transit will help me stay more or less active despite my bad knees. At some I know I won’t be able to cycle as far or fast as I like. And at that moment I will consider an e-bike that will only extend my cycling years.
  • E-bikes for non cyclists
    Cyclists are a particular breed with their padded shorts and body-hugging jerseys. But some of us are not cyclists. Some of us like to dress in shirt and pants and go to an office every day. For those who need to go far/fast and still remain fresh, an e-bike is perfect.
  • E-bike as an equalizer
    A colleague of mine is jealous of me. After some bike trips, every time we discuss bike travel he says he can’t do it because his girlfriend is not fit enough. For that type of “unequal” groups, e-bikes could be an equalizer, where the less fit people in the group could keep up with the fittest.

A quick plug

For this first experience we used Itaway‘s bikes. Located in the Langhe region, Itaway rent e-bikes and provide you with maps and an app that can help you navigate the region. Itaway was founded by a couple of Italian friends and I’m happy to witness that their business is going very well.

Best of luck Itaway guys!

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