VenTo D6 – Melara-Ferrara

We left our lovely B&B very early to avoid the heat and got to follow the Argine all the way.

Going off-guide

Once again we decided to go off the guide and do our own road. Most people follow the south side of the Po, crossing at Ostiglia, but as it was very hot we decided to make it shorter using the north side of the river.

We don’t know if the south bank is better, but we really enjoyed the views of the Po, as the cycle path on the north bank really follows the river closely. There were a few cars on the road, though, and not always going at the slow pace recommended…


The Po from the “Argine”

Ferrara’s busy entrance

We went all the way to Santa Maria Maddalena and from there we crossed to Ferrara on the SS16. This road going into Ferrara is really busy (lots of lorries), so we left it at the crossing with Via G. Marconi and turned left into Viale Plebiscito.

In retrospective, we could have avoided that street either by going to Francolino and from there to Ferrara, or by leaving the SS16 earlier, somewhere in Pontelagoscuro.

If you go all the way to Francolino, at Via dei Calzolai you can find a cycling path straight to the city center (3.7km from the Sta. Maria Maddalena bridge). If you decide to take the SS16, we saw on the map that at Pontelagoscuro there’s a smaller street that runs parallel to the SS16. We took that street down the road, closer to Ferrara.

In a nutshell

  • 56km cycled

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