VenTo D9 – Ariano-Gorino

Leaving Ariano

We left Ariano with a good taste in our mouths. The two owners of the B&B were really good at their work and very considerate. Breakfast was plentiful and good, and they gave us some fruit and water for the road.

Since there were not too many options, we took the fancy B&B with the pool. Our bodies thanked us for the pool time the day before. So with relaxed bodies, we headed into the Delta del Po regional park.


When getting closer to the Delta, the Po becomes greener

Delta del Po

Starting from Ariano, you’re almost at the Regional Po Delta Park (Parco Regionale del Delta del Po). Once there, it is a very nice part of the trip in the natural park: very quiet, quite wild environment, lots of birds (beautiful white cranes, …)

Despite that wild aspect, the road is paved and even a part of the road is shared with cars, but there is not much traffic. Also, this part has a bit more shade thanks to the threes and the southeast direction of the road.


Unexpected mansion near Gorino


From Ariano, we cycled 35km to what seems to be a purely fishing village: Gorino. The cycling path ends at the port of Gorino and from there you can join the main street.

We stayed at the Albergo Uspa near the port. The rooms are nothing special, though clean and fine for a short stay. Their restaurant, on the other hand, is a great place with delicious sea food fresh from the boat. So much so that we had lunch and dinner there! There are also some vegetarian or meat options for those who dislike sea food. The staff is not only friendly but also very professional.

The end of the road

Before dinner, we decided to go for a last ride of the day: we got back on our bikes and cycled all the way to the most eastern point where the Po meets the Adriatic ocean.

To go there we crossed the Ponte di barche that joins Gorino Ferrarese with Gorino Veneto. From there we turned right and all the way to the sea. At some point the paved road stops but we continued through a grass road all the way to the edge. In total, we cycled about 8-9 km.

Once at the edge, you get that end of the world feeling. There are no more roads to the east. From there you can either go north to Venice or south to Ravenna. In front of you will be a swamp to the left, the Gorino lighthouse to the right, and in between the point where the river meets the sea. Enjoy.


No more roads

In a nutshell

  • 55km cycled
  • An amazing new restaurant
  • A beautiful moment seeing the end of the line

You can follow all the routes we followed on:

This post is part of the Delta del Po 2017 series I wrote for the Vento blog.

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