Loire D1 – Nevers – Beffes



Light in Nevers church on a sunny day

Nevers was a fast visit for us. We arrived there late and that night walked around to get a grasp of the city. Next morning we took off but not before getting a last glimpse of the city by day.

We left through the south of the city crossing the river on the Pont de Loire. After the bridge we took the Rue Louis Bonnet to join a cycle path heading to the Allier river towards Le Guetin.


EV6 cycle path towards the Allier

Km 0

After crossing the Allier river on the Pont Canal, turn right to head to the point where the Allier and the Loire join (Bec d’Allier). Right at that spot you will find the first milestone of the Loire à Vélo, which is the cycle path that heads to Nantes and the Atlantic Ocean.


Km 0

After a couple of kilometers you’ll have the option to stay near the Loire river or to change to the Loire Canal (Canal Latéral à la Loire), which is what we did.

Next to the canal there’s the cycle path which is perfectly paved and takes you straight to Beffes and from there to the rest of the Loire à Vélo path.


Canal Latéral à la Loire


We decided to stay at Beffes given there is a “Vélocamping”, to which the closest translation would be “Bike camping site”. The Vélocamping is part of the city services, which makes it quite cheap (60€ for a 6pax lodging) and they do a great effort in keeping it clean and in good shape.

In the camping there’s a locked bike parking (you get a key if you have bikes) and besides the bungalows there’s space for tents or campervans. There’s a good wifi connection, and every bungalow has cooking utensils.

In our case, given it was the beginning of the season, we were alone and got the opportunity to enjoy a calm diner in our terrace.


Home-cooked pasta, wine and sunset in the Vélocamping

The route

You can see the entire route below

This post is part of the Loire 2018 series


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