Loire D2 – Beffes-Sancerre

Leaving Beffes

From the Vélocamping, the Canal latéral is just across the street, so instead of getting to the Loire, we decided to follow the canal path towards Argenvières and from there heading back to the river.

A little bit later you have the option to cross to La Charité sur Loire, a small town with a big religious complex around the Sainte-Croix-Notre-Dame church and its cloister. In our case, we stopped for coffee and some water before heading out again.

Arriving to Sancerre

The road between the two cities is calm and flat, except when you get to Sancerre where it goes up from Ménétréol-sous-Sancerre all the way up to Sancerre. The easiest way to climb is to go around Sancerre and make the climb on the Avenue Honoré Balzac (5% climb). The road is well indicated as the “Light” approach. The other option is a 45% climb which we weren’t ready to do. Once up, the rest is easy and worth it.


Enjoy it, you deserved it


Sancerre is a nice little town that seems to be quite touristic in warmer seasons. You get the feeling of the importance of tourism on their main square (Nouvelle Place) but is enough to get a few blocks away and the town is immediately more accessible and authentic.


Notre-Dame de Sancerre

There’s a bunch of places where you can resupply on wine and cheese for a picnic and a couple of nice restaurants.

Leaving Sancerre

When coming back down, enjoy the views of the wine domains around the town.


“Wine in the making”

The route

You can see the entire route below

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