Loire D3 – Sancerre-Gien

Leaving Sancerre

At the moment we left Sancerre it was raining, but luckily for us the way down was easy and the extra drag of the rain coats wasn’t a true negative factor and gave the the perfect opportunity for some high-contrast pictures.


When life gives you rain, take pictures.

Luckily for us the sky cleared-up right before lunch so we could enjoy the rest of the ride, including time to do a Find Wally cyclist version in a colza field.


Find Wally, the cyclist version



Bread, wine and cheese picnic

Arriving at Châtillon-sur-Loire following the Canal latéral, you’ll stumble upon an old tide-lock where we had a nice picnic + siesta near the river before continuing towards Briare, where we found the most amazing Pont-Canal (literally, canal-bridge), which is a bridge that crosses the river, but in the middle of it there’s a canal that allow boats to cross the river safely.


Pont-Canal at Briare

Arriving to Gien

Gien is a town that sits mostly along the Loire, with its main street being the Quai street along the river. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to visit much of Gien as we arrived late that night and just went for a stroll around downtown.

The arrival to Gien is a beautiful one though. You’re welcome by the river and its castle at the top of the hill.


Arriving at Gien


Night walk around Gien

The route

You can see the entire route below

This post is part of the Loire 2018 series
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