Loire D4 – Gien-Germigny-des-Prés

Leaving Gien

Leaving Gien gives you a weird feeling, as quite fast you find yourself cycling in the fields and given the big horizon you get, you get to see perfectly the nuclear plants around the Loire river, which gives a weird feeling after days cycling in nature.


Nuclear plant

Religious architecture

Leaving the nuclear plants behind us we arrived to our destination, the very unknown town of Germigny-des-Prés. Many people cycle all the way to Chateauneuf-sur-Loire as it is a bigger town, but we decided to stop before that.

Right before getting to Germigny, you’ll have the option to take a small detour to the Abbaye de Fleury, an impressive building with a multi-column porch at the front of the building.


Bikes for size reference

After our night at Germigny, and just on our way to Orléans, we took a small detour to the Oratoire Carolingien of Germigny and its impressive byzantine-style mosaic.


The mosaic

The story is: A rich high-ranking church official lived around this area many years ago and just because he could, he decided he wanted beautiful buildings nearby to go and pray. During the French Revolution, the mosaic was covered to avoid it being sacked by the revolutionary forces. It wasn’t until many years later that a scholar saw kids playing with “colored cristal cubes” and discovered the mosaic in the Oratoire.

The route

You can see the entire route below

This post is part of the Loire 2018 series


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