Loire D5 – Germigny-Orléans

Last day of the trip

After getting some flowers for Claudine’s bike, we could enjoy the sunny day on our way to Orléans.


Staying classy

The F.R.A.C.

F.R.A.C.s are regional centers for contemporary art built around the 80s. There is one per region of France and we got the opportunity to visit the Région Centre’s FRAC.


The FRAC reading room

Each F.R.A.C. has apparently dedicated to a specific art branch and the Centre one is specialized in architecture. At the time of our visit was a temporary exhibition around the Centre Pompidou and specially about a project by artist Chanéac who made a proposal at the time of the bidding. This proposal wasn’t retained but it was an interesting one indeed.


How Centre Pompidou would look if Chanéac’s proposal had been retained.


Model of the would-be Pompidou

The route

You can see the entire route below

This post is part of the Loire 2018 series


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